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As Chartered Financial Planners, our emphasis is on financial strategy and planning, a pro-active approach tailored to suit your individual circumstances and financial goals We use Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling to help you realise your ambitions and desires, leading to the appropriate financial Strategy and/or the financial Programme best suited to your needs. Our decisions and recommendations are client, not commission based, providing you with unbiased, impartial advice.

We will:

  • ensure you understand and organise your finances;
  • identify what you really want to achieve from your money and why this is important to you;
  • illustrate (literally!) how long your money will last;
  • establish a long-term relationship based on outcomes and trust, not one based on the need to keep selling products

Specifically you can expect of us:

  • a service based around your financial values;
  • a service driven by the real outcomes you will wish to achieve such as financial freedom and peace of mind;
  • a customer centric, advice driven approach;
  • ongoing support and regular updates;
  • a simplified process with a structured, service-based fee scale;
  • a choice of financial serviced levels dependent upon your circumstances and preferences

Interestingly, not only do our clients prefer our personalised approach, but so, too, do many professionals linked to the financial services industry such as solicitors and accountants.  And, as well as offering independent financial planning and advice to individuals we also provide advice to business owners and their businesses. Visit “Some success stories” and “Some kind words” to see how.