We attach great importance to ongoing support and advice. So, if you opt for one of our fee-based service options, we will take you through our Financial Planning Process, where we introduce you to our top financial Strategies and Programmes that will help you to achieve your financial targets and offer continual advice and updates to keep you on track As part of this UK Financial Planning Process we have regular meetings with you to get to know you, your situation and future aims, to agree a financial plan for your future and to keep you fully updated as your plan evolves This is what you can expect from our highest Bespoke Deluxe service level, a six part process

The initial meeting

This is free of charge to you and solely at our cost. The purpose is to introduce you to this new totally impartial fee-based concept. You need to be completely confident and totally clear about what you are going to get for the fees you pay. So, you can expect a culture of straight talk, honesty and a structured process from the outset. It is up to you to then decide whether our service can make a real difference to your life right now and over the many years ahead

The discovery meeting

This is all about getting to know you, your financial goals, dreams and aspirations and why they are important to you

We will identify any obstacles you face in achieving these financial goals, so that we can look at ways of overcoming these obstacles. Together, we will then look at where you are now, where you want to be, and the steps we can take to get you there

What to bring to the meeting


Your spouse/partner (unless single!)


The last two year’s tax returns


Current bank statement, investment portfolio details, funds and pension statements


Current life and health insurance policies


Any wills or trusts


Any other documents that would help us better understand your financial situation

Strategic planning meeting

Here we will arrive at a targeted financial strategy for your future, taking account of potential fluctuations in inflation and interest rates during your lifetime

We will discuss how you feel about investment risk and compare your expectations to actual measures which may be necessary to achieve your particular financial goals

With our in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry, we can help you to discover established new and exciting ways of maximising your income and assets

This is to give you a clear picture of when you can expect to run out of money if you maintain your current financial course

We will then adopt a financial plan to ensure that you never run out of money

We will present this plan to you, giving a complete analysis of your current financial situation and our recommendations for helping you to reach your goals.

This financial plan will form the basis of all our work together

We will then encourage you to take the necessary time to go over your plan and be completely comfortable before taking the next step

Implementation meeting

We will now reach agreement regarding the measures necessary and put the plan into action by completing all the necessary paperwork

By committing to the plan we will ensure that you attain your future goals 


40 day follow up metting

This is to allow us to address any questions that you may have regarding the progress of your financial plan We will also help you to organise all of your relevant paperwork into a file provided by us What to bring to the meeting

All paperwork that you have received relating to implementing your financial plan


A note of any questions that you may have relating to your plan

Regular progress meeting

These will be scheduled to take place annually, twice-yearly or more frequently depending on your needs and preferences

During these meetings we will review your overall progress towards your long-term financial goals, taking account of any changes in your circumstances, or market fluctuations

We can then adapt our strategy accordingly to keep you on target

Your Financial Plan is a long-term process and it is important to regularly review your situation to ensure that you achieve a positive outcome

Why fees

Historically, financial advice has been driven by the need for advisers to sell products regularly in order to earn a commission

You might not have been aware that whenever you buy a financial product you pay a fee. Either upfront or through a commission which is effectively camouflaged charges

But there are many products available that are not commission-bearing and therefore not appealing to advisers

A fee-based financial service, by way of contrast, enables advisers like ourselves to offer completely unbiased financial advice and thus recommend the best financial Strategy and financial Programme to suit your precise needs

Our clients pay us fees in three stages:

    1. Advice fee based on the size of the project – starting from £2,750 for a full Financial Plan
    2. Implementation fee based on a percentage of assets invested
    3. Annual progress fee based on a percentage of assets managed

Quite simply, we will only take new clients if we can prove that they will be better off after paying our fees.

As of 1st January 2013 commission ceased to be paid on new investment and pension business.

Find out which one of our Strategies or Programmes can help you achieve your financial goals sooner