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I lead a busy life. I don’t have much time and I am clueless about financial matters

I have been to a few financial advisers and almost all at the end tried to sell a policy of some sort. Kusal was different. He first tried to understand what my needs were, and then guided me through options and benefits and allowed me to make my own decisions. I felt he could be trusted.

He has helped with mortgages, sickness benefits, pension plans, savings advice and insurance policies

He made complicated matters very simple to understand and was very patient with me. He communicates very well.

Without hesitation I will recommend him and his company.

Dr. P. de Silva , (private client since 2001)
Over the years I have built up a reasonable portfolio of investments, shares and properties. Approaching retirement I realised my finances were disorganised and not performing as they should. This happens when there are so many funds to look at!

I have very good knowledge of investments so I decided to seek advice. After discussing my situation with Kusal, I realised he grasped my situation very quickly and was totally committed to my goals. I now feel that my finances are in reliable hands.

I now have a portfolio of investments which I can see at any time through the website and I am also paying less in charges. I feel that the portfolio has a purpose…rather than just being there to accumulate. I also like the tax mitigation strategy that has been put in place.

I am certainly happy to recommend Kusal to others again.

Dr. B. Perera, (private client since 1999)
I was looking for an independent financial adviser as I needed advice on my mortgage and inheritance tax issues. After meeting Kusal I found him pleasant and honest. His honesty sometimes gave me answers which I did not want to hear but it has been for the best in the long term.

I felt he listened to what I was saying and understood what I wanted and why so. Good advice is not always what you expect or want to hear but I understand now that it has helped me get where I want to be. I am very happy with the help Kusal has given me and will continue recommending him to my friends.

Christopher Sale, (private client since 2003)
When I wanted to buy my first property, I wanted someone genuinely independent and not to be sold a product. My first impression of Kusal was that he is very approachable and helpful. He listened to my issues and understood what I needed at the time.

He was able to explain the products and the financial implications of them so I was able to understand. It was the first time I had bought a house and had never looked at mortgage packages before. I felt able to trust Kusal’s advice and ask questions when I needed to.

He made me feel comfortable in choosing a product that would have major financial implications on my life and therefore my decisions on what mortgage to get and how much was very important. Kusal was able to relieve some of the stress anyone would naturally feel during this process.

The main benefit for me has been the peace of mind I now have after becoming financially organised. I would happily recommend Kusal because he is knowledgeable, helpful, non-judgmental, approachable and above all trustworthy.

Bethan White, (client since 2004)
“When I was thinking about retiring I approached Kusal for advice. I have consulted Kusal on many occasions and he has always dealt with my queries with great patience – never have I felt rushed or that I am wasting his time

I felt he was well informed on the topics discussed and I felt free to discuss other financial matters as well (apart from my NHS and private pension)

The main benefit for me was that I received advice from an adviser with sound knowledge and it was a pleasant experience with no pressure to purchase any particular product. I am very satisfied. I feel very confident about trusting Kusal with my personal information

I would recommend Kusal to others… In my experience, Kusal is someone who I feel can genuinely focus on the client’s needs and give appropriate good advice without undue pressure to purchase particular products.”

Dr. S. Charles-Holmes, (client since 2003)