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This is used by people who are high earners (above £150,000 per year) or those above age 45. The most obvious word associated with retirement is “pension” and, thanks to all the new legislation, we should not automatically assume that a pension is the only option for saving towards retirement. We are now at a stage where we must give serious consideration to alternatives, other than pensions. People want us to think creatively and show them how to retire early. It boils down again to the lifestyle you want to enjoy in retirement.

The Accelerated Retirement Strategy will be based around lifestyle both now and in anticipated retirement. Many people want to maintain the same standard of living in retirement, but do not know what to do (apart from putting money into a pension!) or have the discipline to maintain a retirement strategy.

The outcome

You will have a clearer understanding of what would be needed to achieve your retirement lifestyle. You will also be able to see (literally!) how long your present assets will maintain that lifestyle. This is shown through Lifetime Cashflow Modelling. You will have a defined strategy which will enable you to lead the lifestyle you want at your chosen time in the future.

In summary

The Accelerated Retirement Strategy will work around

  • Understanding the impact of retirement
  • Identifying your needs in retirement
  • Forecasting your life in retirement
  • Utilising tax schemes to accelerate your retirement nest egg
  • Reclaiming tax paid