Business wealth accumulation and Tax planning

Our clients who run successful businesses eventually got round to telling us what they really want…and the theme was the same. They wanted to spend more time with their family and those they really care about. Quite simply, they want peace of mind that they will have money.

Although they have considerable wealth, no one had reassured them that if they do certain things, they can have extra time to do what they really want to do.

So, what are those certain things? They are a mixture of our Strategies and Programmes albeit in a more corporate manner.

It involves some of the following:

Distributing profits whilst paying the least amount of tax

Other tax planning in addition to income tax and capital gains tax

Utilising tax relief schemes to boost your retirement nest egg

The importance of writing a Corporate Will

The outcome

We will show you your financial future today. Cashflow modelling allows us to forecast how your assets will interact and provide a particular lifestyle. This will also show you what you can and can’t do. It will also show you what the business needs to do year on year for an overall purpose, not just making “loads” of money, or selling it for the “highest sum”.

The questions we put forward are: exactly how much is enough? And for what purpose?

The financial Strategy and Programme selected for you will depend on your age and financial situation, and sometimes a combination of strategies and programmes will be appropriate

“Trust us to look after your financial future”