Why fees?

Historically, financial advice has been driven by the need for advisers to sell products regularly in order to earn a commission

You might not have been aware that whenever you buy a financial product you pay a fee. Either upfront or through a commission which is effectively camouflaged charges

But there are many products available which are not commission bearing and therefore not appealing to advisers

A fee-based financial service, by way of contrast, enables advisers like ourselves to offer completely unbiased financial advice and thus recommend the best financial Strategy and financial Programme to suit your precise needs

Our clients pay us fees in three stages:

    1. Advice fee based on the size of the project
    2. Implementation fee based on a percentage of assets invested
    3. Annual progress fee based on a percentage of assets managed

Quite simply,we will only take new clients if we can prove that they will be better off after paying our fees.

As of 1st January 2013 commission ceased to be paid on new investment and pension business.