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This is for people who are thinking about leaving a legacy behind for loved ones, or for charitable causes. It is all well and good to accumulate significant sums of money, however why pay 40% inheritance tax unnecessarily?

Wealth can be passed down the generations in a highly tax efficient, yet simple manner and it will involve understanding your values and wishes.

The Wealth Distribution Strategy will enable you to distribute your wealth in a highly tax efficient manner, and yet, in some cases retain control of gifts made.

The outcome

You will have a clear plan of what you can afford to give away, whilst still retaining control, and maintaining your desired standard of living.

In summary

Key features of this strategy include:

  • Forecasting when you will run out of money
  • Organising your assets so you can decide when you should run out of money
  • Identifying ways to distribute your wealth without the need to pay inheritance tax
  • Understanding the impact of divorce on gifts made
  • Understanding that you can gift and still retain control
  • Planning to leave a large legacy to your offspring
  • Utilising tax schemes to enable you to pass on wealth without losing total control
  • Understanding which Trust to use to achieve the above

Whichever strategy we agree with you be sure that you can trust us to look after your financial future