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The Targeted Wealth Accumulation Strategy will initially give you a broader understanding of your finances, including how to budget and plan for future events. We would have discovered your goals and the time frame in which you want to achieve them.

When you know the amount needed, at a particular date, we can then show you what else is needed to get there. This would include knowing how much to put aside initially or how frequently, and then ultimately identifying the Target Growth Rate needed for this particular purpose. Once we know these figures, the investment decisions become much clearer.

What about risk and choice?

The Target Growth Rate identified will tell us what level of risk you would need to take in order to achieve your goal. Our thorough psychometric or “personality based” risk profiling will show what level of risk you can handle and, more importantly, the level of loss you can tolerate.

We will then monitor your investments to ensure that they are on target.

We will also help with tax planning to ensure that your money isn’t unnecessarily wasted by selecting the wrong tax wrapper. Choosing the right tax wrapper is very important… it is all well and good investing money for the sake of investing, but if you choose the wrong tax wrapper, it could mean you having to adopt an entirely different (usually higher) risk profile to make up for the loss.

The outcome

We strongly believe that financial education is a key player in giving clients peace of mind during volatile market conditions.

You will learn the science of investing (on a simplified level!) and how we can actively plan around the strategy. When you understand the thinking behind the strategy you are more likely to be interested in following its progress and not worrying about things you simply can’t control…such as the market.

In summary

The Targeted Wealth Accumulation Strategy will solve issues around:

  • Repaying the debt on your private residence – how quickly to ease this burden
  • Investing for a special goal
  • School/University fees planning
  • Building up a retirement nest egg
  • Aligning existing investments in line with your goals
  • Minimising investment risk
  • Minimising tax outlay