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Just as when building a house your finances needs to be built on strong foundations.

This strategy will start by guiding you to becoming financially organised. You will learn new ways on how to budget and plan around your income and outgoings. Together we will then work out what is important about your money to you and identify what your lifetime goals are and what they mean to you.

Once these are identified we will work together to devise a strategy of debt reduction and building up some savings. We will also work out what are the main risks you are likely to face: change or loss of job, disability or inability to maintain a lifestyle. You will then be encouraged to define and commit to a plan of action which will help you achieve your main short term objectives.

The outcome

The main result of this is to help you to become financially organised, understand how your finances work and then feel confident about committing to a strategy of mitigating any loans and building up a reasonable amount of cash whilst ensuring that, whatever happens to you, you will have a supplementary income.

In summary

The Financial Foundations Strategy will work around:

  • Debt repayment
  • Deposit accumulation
  • Family protection – providing funds in the event of death or disability
  • Salary protection – providing a supplementary income if you cannot work
  • Will writing through a solicitor