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The recent tax increases could be just the beginning of things to come. Income in excess of £150,000 is hit by 45% income tax whilst we believe the current level of capital gains tax (at 18% or 28%) could rise further.

The Advanced Tax Mitigation Strategy looks at ways of reducing this outlay through legitimate means. . . which involves working with your accountant. For example, Appleton Gerrard can advise on authorised investments which can “give back” some of the tax you’ve paid. At the same time we can also work with an accountant who can advise on remuneration planning. There is no doubt that when professionals work in harness you are the major beneficiary. Tax planning is a complex area which we will discuss in depth depending on whether our solutions (together with the accountant’s recommendations) are appropriate to your current lifestyle.

The outcome

We always ensure that tax planning advice we give is approved by your other professional advisers.  You will be in an educated position of being able to see how various aspects of financial planning, legal and accounting advice can work together for your overall benefit.

In summary

The strategy will give you:

  • A comprehensive tax assessment
  • Income tax planning advice
  • Capital gains tax planning advice
  • Utilising available tax relief schemes
  • Utilising available capital allowances