Strategic planning meeting

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Here we will arrive at a targeted financial strategy for your future, taking account of potential fluctuations in inflation and interest rates during your lifetime

We will discuss how you feel about investment risk and compare your expectations to actual measures which may be necessary to achieve your particular financial goals

With our in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry, we can help you to discover established new and exciting ways of maximising your income and assets

This is to give you a clear picture of when you can expect to run out of money if you maintain your current financial course

We will then adopt a financial plan to ensure that you never run out of money

We will present this plan to you, giving a complete analysis of your current financial situation and our recommendations for helping you to reach your goals.

This financial plan will form the basis of all our work together

We will then encourage you to take the necessary time to go over your plan and be completely comfortable before taking the next step

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